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The New Line Up - British Vogue in partnership with MARKS & SPENCER

It takes certain special elements to elevate the everyday. To take a cap-sleeve T-shirt, a simple slip dress or that most present of wardrobe staples, the white shirt, and imbue its silhouette with avant-garde structure is a show of true craftsmanship - and M&S has it in abundance right now.

Working in tandem with strong and sculptural volumes. The major play this season is a contrasting monochrome palette working in tandem with strong and sculptural volumes. Black and white never look better than when dominating progressive cuts, a look that is heightened with experimental textiles.

Fabrics are lightweight - to suit the season's transitional temperatures - yet substantial enough to feel nothing but luxurious. Tri-acetates, bonded wools and crisp technical textures sit effortlessly together in ensembles that look like they have stepped off an international catwalk.

As ever, a cool, collected attitude wins the most style plaudits, and M&S has mastered it for you. With masculine influences injecting a quiet confidence into every look, there isn't a piece in this new offering that won't attract knowing nods of approval from your peers.

Ficha Técnica:

Cliente: Vogue UK / MARKS & SPENCER Fotografia: Ralph Gibson Assistente de Fotografia: Anna Silveira | Luiz Marinho Video e Edição: Balthazar Klarwein

Stylist: Verity Parker

Direção: Polly Warrick

Gerente de Projetos: Maja Havemann

Direção de Arte: Dorit Pollard

Modelo: Steffy Argelich

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